Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2-Day Valentine's/2nd Month

I truly enjoyed this year's Valentine's Day. Before Mark, I was single for a couple of years, and this is only the 2nd Valentine's I've celebrated with a boyfriend. Even if I wasn't able to be physically together with him, he still made me feel super special. I love how he always puts effort in making me feel loved, and not just on Valentine's, but on every single day. I'm lucky. :')

DAY ONE OF VDAY: 02/14/12 here in the Philippines. I drove to Eastwood to have dinner with Melissa, Bernice, and Charlie (Mark's best friend who's studying here), and Skype dated with Mark when I got home.

Wore the top that Bernice gave me from SG! 

My eye makeup for the night. Purple! 

And it was traffic. As always. :(

And then when I got to the restaurant, apparently, Mark asked Charlie to buy me roses. I was so surprised! It was a huge bouquet! :')

At Italianni's, Eastwood.

Made a video while we were having coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Lol.

The bouquet!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

DAY TWO OF VDAY: 02/14/12 in Maryland, USA. Mark and I talked again on Skype. Luckily, his boss allowed him to work at home for Feb. 13-14. Hihi! :)

His video that he made for me! Super effort! :) It's a song from a local band here, and he changed the lyrics. I loved it!!! Thank you also to his friends who helped him with this. :)


And to end this post, a picture of us. LOL. Happy Valentine's & Happy Two!!! ;)

12/12/11 when he visited Manila. Sorry if I look clingy. HAHAHA!

"This is just the beginning of a long adventure." --- Mark

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