Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eyes Lips Face

03/09/12: After our Water Fun Day, the teachers and I went malling. Bought some make-up! :)

Make-up of the day.


32 Warm eyeshadow colors palette. Cute packaging! ♥

Some brushes. ♥

And finally got the right shade. LOL.

Also went to Riverbanks. I've never really hung out there, but I found their park really nice. Saw these guys too, and excitedly took pictures with them. LOL! :)

Swag! Hahaha!

Where we sat. Nice lighting! And the moon was so bright that night. :)

Some even brought mats and had picnics.

More people. You can also rent bikes and go around the place. :)

After we left, I met up with Jerome and just talked about stuff. Too bad we weren't able to play Kinect! :( I fell asleep on Mark when we were BBM-ing, too, because I was beat when I got home. Lol. Sorry, bubba! 

Today, went to the hospital with my parents to have my check-up, because something's been bothering me for days. And yup, the doctor confirmed it. I need to get an ultrasound first, and if need be, she'll request for a surgeon and I'll have a biopsy. :\ *sigh* Oh well. I hope everyone else is having a good weekend so far! :)

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