Monday, April 2, 2012

Movie Weekend

03/31/12: Went to Mall of Asia with Jerome, Mel, and Haw. Had dinner at Wendy's and watched the Hunger Games!!! Okay, I teared up a bit during one scene. Lol!

Eye make-up. Just used some browns for a somewhat natural look. No falsies too. I was too lazy to put some on. :p


My food! I was talking to Jerome while eating, but I still finished my burger so fast. Hahaha.

Me and Jerome.

Mel and Haw.

Our movie cards. Was so excited to watch!

04/01/12: APRIL FOOLS DAY! Spent it by going to the mall with Mom & Dad. Had buffet at Yakimix and watched Wrath of the Titans

The restaurant.

Food!!! Surprisingly, I got so full quickly. Must be because of my sushi plate.

They got me some Starbucks, and hung out there for a bit while waiting for our movie. :)

Yup, so that's my weekend; spent it with friends and family. I loved both movies too! Hope everyone else had a good weekend as well. ♥

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