Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Egg Mask

I found this DIY egg mask from hellobeauty.ph by Ms. Dionne, and it's such a coincidence, because I have new pimples on my left cheek. And yes, it's also the time of the month for me. :'((

Separated the egg white and yolk.

And *insert horror music here*...

Already put the egg white on the affected area. 

*sigh* I know, my left cheek is gross and embarrassing. :'(( And that's not everything yet! I still have some marks from old acne beside the pimples too. :'(( This is the worst state my face has ever experienced! But I'm still smiling in the picture because at least they're all in one place right? Trying to think positively!!!

And maybe a visit to a dermatologist will help. Okay, that's a plan on Friday. Lol!


  1. In fair ang clear naman ng right cheek!

    1. I knowwww. Nakakainis left cheek! :'((


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