Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hong Kong

These are some pictures from my Hong Kong trip with my friend, Mel, last January '12. I only stayed for 3 days, but she went earlier and stayed longer. It was a bit cold, so we layered some clothes. We also stayed at Holiday Inn, and just went to Disneyland and did some shopping during our stay. I remember us going on train rides, and getting lost a couple of times! Hahaha! Anyway, super late post! :p

Dinner after I arrived at the hotel.


On one of the rides and with our Minnie Mouse headbands! I know we're too old for these, but we still wore them! :p

Having a break.

The parade behind us!

Reading the map on how to go back to the hotel! (but we still got confused and rode the wrong train! LOL)

Street performer! :D

Yummy breakfast!!!

Before my flight back. :(

Oh, how I miss going on a vacation and just relaxing. *sigh* :\


  1. That's nice! I want to go back to hongkong :(
    I like those mini mouse headbands ♥

    1. Hi, Yoek! Haha thank you! ♥ And me too. I want to go back! :\


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