Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dream Interpretation

I dreamt that I smiled in the mirror and saw that I was missing a tooth. I was even pointing it to a friend saying, "Look! I'm toothless!" So I researched some interpretations just to see what it means.

1. To dream that you are toothless signifies your inability to reach your goals and advance toward your interests. Bad news and ill health will prevent you from achieving your desires.

2. If a single tooth is lost, it could mean loss or change of something important to you.

But this one really hit me:

3. In the case of humans, we also find it difficult to talk if we are toothless. Is there an issue around feeling toothless or becoming toothless in a certain waking life situation? Do you feel torn between saying too much (perhaps using biting words) and holding back on what you want to say? Do you feel powerless in getting your message across, in being heard? Do you feel torn between defending or attacking to protect yourself and giving up your power resulting in inadequate protection and nourishment? Are you finding it difficult to find the middle way, the balance between these extremes?

The voice in your dream said the teeth needed to be removed or they would have caused you pain. Did you believe the voice? Are you giving up your power – becoming toothless – as a way of avoiding pain? Or is it really time to let go of a situation, belief or memory that is beginning to cause you too much pain?

Eh. :\

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