Monday, February 6, 2012

Kinect Saturday

I spent my Saturday afternoon & night at my brother, Hoover's condo. Harvard also went there and brought his Kinect. We all had so much fun! I loved dancing to the songs. What's so funny too was that Hoover beat me at "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, even though it had super girly moves! Next time I'll exaggerate even more. Lol! I also got to play Kinect Adventures with my niece and nephew, because they wanted to play with me. And wow, I got super tired! Every time I wanted to take a break, they'd be like, "Nooo. One more." But yeah, I took a seat when I couldn't take it any longer. Hahaha. It was definitely a great bonding time. We talked about a lot of stuff (good and bad) and laughed A LOT.

Me and Hoover.

Harvard and Jaime.

Father and daughter, Hoover and Nadia.


Yummy lasagna!

Muffins! I ate 3 chocolate chip ones and brought home 2 more! Lol!

Nothing beats spending time with family. :D

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