Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am so obsessed with makeup now! From Youtube tutorials to looking at pictures of women with makeup on. Lol! Then I checked Nyx Cosmetics' website earlier and I want these!!!

NYX Eye Shadow Palette (78 Colors)

NYX Eye Shadow Base in Skin Tone & White Pearl.

NYX Retractable Eye Liners

NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

NYX Fly With Me Mascara

NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in MBP12 DARE

Diamond Sparkle Lipsticks in Sparkling Nude, Sparkling Rose, & Sparkling Copper

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I think I like makeup more than clothes! Ha ha ha.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaay, some scary story. My friend, Pets, BBM-ed me earlier telling me to take care of myself. I asked him why and it kind of freaked me out a little. He said he dreamt of me dead last night. He doesn't really know what happened, but in his dream, he just visited my funeral. x___x What does this meaaaaaan? What makes it even scarier is that I almost got hit by a huge truck on the way home last Tuesday night. And when I got home, I found out from one of the village guards that some burglars got in one house. O_O Lord, please protect me and my family. :(

On a lighter note, it's already February! Hearts month! Love love love! ♥ ♥ ♥ 12 days before Valentine's Day and my 2nd month with Mark! Yaaaaaaaaay! :)

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