Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Fort

03/20/12: Mom accompanied me to the hospital in the afternoon to get an ultrasound. No, I'm not pregnant. I have a different issue. Lol. Anyway, the doctor told me it's harmless, but I still need to be monitored every 3-6months. Okidoki.

Wore the shoes Mom got me from Singapore. I ♥ it!!!

That night, my friend Mel and I went to The Fort and checked out Purebeauty. Gaaah, make-up!!! But I only got these first because I was on a budget. Haha.

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors lippies (P299/pc) and a NYX powder blush in Terra Cotta (P419). :)

L-R: Lipsticks in Snow White, Paris, & Haute Coutour.

My eye make-up that night. The toilet we went to for touch-ups had yellow light, so the colors aren't really clear here. I actually used something like of a rose eye shadow color for my crease.


We met up with our other friends, and went to Prive afterwards for ladies' night! :)


I was browsing the App Store earlier and I found this!

Tried it out with Mark, and it's better than Tango (the one we really use for free phone calls). Yayyyy so happy! Another app to communicate! It's awesome too that his mobile phone has unlimited 3G. Hehehe. But I think it's not applicable to most countries, because the only options on my dialpad are USA, Canada, & Puerto Rico? Hmmm.

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