Monday, April 30, 2012

Bridal Shower Getaway!

Co-hosted my future sis-in-law's bridal shower yesterday at East of Galleria. Our theme was the "travel", "honeymoon" type. It was just a simple, intimate party, but everyone enjoyed. So I'm really happy with that. :) (Get ready for a lot of pictures. LOL!)

Everyone had to wear pink and violet boas. And the thick blue-ish one was for the bride. Very pretty boa!

The venue.

A function room beside the condominium's pool. 

Our hand-made paper airplanes and boats for a simple decoration.

The bride, Fang Fang.

The bride with her cousins and sister. 

Our first game: Banana relay! Pink team VS Blue team. And my team won! Go, Pink team! :D

2nd game: Me and Mom were the models, and they had to make our "gowns" using manila papers and colored crepe papers in just 10 minutes!

Pretty, right? :)

They were very creative! I liked my "gown" so much! And again, my team won! :)

Winning team again! Yessss! :)

Snack break! 

Then our last game: BINGO! But instead, we used FANG♥ for the letters and travel things for the numbers. I loved this. We had 3 winners! ♥

The prizes I won: 1. Pencil case (which I will use for my makeup brushes when I'm going out) and 2. a little notebook. Pretty neat, because I was just thinking of getting these two. :)

Special thanks also to Fang Fang and her sister, Yan Yan, for being our English-Chinese translators for their cousins, because they're actually all pure chinese. Fang and her sister just studied here for college, so they can speak a little bit of our language, together with english. Whew! :)

Anyway, the wedding's tomorrow!!! I wonder who's next in my family... :))

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