Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brother's Wedding

It was my brother's wedding yesterday at Sofitel!!! But first, went to the salon with Mom to get our hair and makeup done. When my other brothers saw me, they complimented me on how I looked. Aww. I was so touched! ♥

Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup? Lol. I just wanted a natural look for my morena skin.

Changed into my dress. I look really mature here. Haha.

Garden wedding, and we were actually by the bay. So nice.

With my Singaporean friend, Jillian. ♥

My parents and brother. Mom was crying. :\

My nephew, Jaime (ring bearer).

My brother, Him, and my nieces (the flower girls). So cute!

And of course, the bride, Fang Fang. :)

But then it started to rain, so we had to move inside. :(


The reception.

I joked with Dad saying I'm going to be next, since he's been bugging me to get married already. BUT he just slapped my arm. Lol! Guess he's not yet ready to let go of me after all. Hahaha! :p


  1. Mature look! Pero JLO huhh! ;) cuuute nun pinapayungan pa ni Him mga little girls!!! <3

    1. Oo nga eh! Hahaha! Sweet dad!!! :))


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