Monday, April 9, 2012

Holy weekend

Spent Saturday and Sunday with..... FOOD, since we also celebrated Justin's 17th birthday for 2 days. Lol. He's kind of like my "little brother" even though we're not blood related. His family is really close to us. :)

04/07/12: Lunch at home.

After lunch, did karaoke with some family members until it was dinner time, and some went swimming and played basketball. We had dinner outside, and it was perfect because the wind was cool. Forgot to take pictures, though. :\ Then spent the night at Justin's condo, AND we also got more food! Gaaaaah.

His messy room. Lol!

He gave me these books. Yay!

04/08/12: Lunch at Barrio Fiesta with my family and his relatives, then we all went back to their condo. Ordered more food for snacks/dinner and did more karaoke! My stomach got huge!!! Played mahjong with Justin's cousins too. I missed it! :)

Leche flan!!! Yums!

So that's about it for my weekend! Stuffed myself with lots of food!!! Btw, it's my boyfee's birthday today too!

Happy Birthday, Markyyyyyy!!! 

I ♥ you, bubba!

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