Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Woke up before 6am today, because my Dad made a deal with me and said that he'd give me $5/day just to wake up every morning and swim with him. I guess it's because I'm getting chubbier now. He keeps squeezing and commenting on my arms! :\ LOL. But anyway, it's a win-win situation (exercise + money = getting fit and more $$$!), so I accepted. :)

I've been breaking out on my left cheek as well, and I hate it so much! I think the products I'm currently using are the culprits for my acne! (Thank, God, for makeup!) So I finally got Proactiv. I've been wanting to try this kit for a while now.

 I just hope that it'll work on me. :\ Will try it tonight! 

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