Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mom's Birthday!

It was my mother's 56th birthday yesterday, and my family and I had dinner at Lola Ina (seafood galore!!!). Stopped by at the mall to check out some things too. :)

My eye makeup! Used Estee Lauder's Pure Color eye shadows.

While waiting for my brother, Harvard, in the car. Fishtail braid! :)

Looked at blenders because Harvard needs one, and I liked this! Lol.

This is just an extra picture. Received this basket of strawberries from a parent in school. Yay! I love the basket too!!! It's now in my bathroom, because I put all my skin care products inside. :p

And yup, happy happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY again to my momma!!! I thank her for  a lot of things. :) I wish her good health and many more years to come! :D ♥

I ♥ you, Mom. 


  1. I LOVE YOUR PIC WITH THE BLENDER!!! Sexyy mo lang! ;)

  2. Ganda din ng fishtail braids! Please gawin mo naman sakin yan on SAT! Hahaha nainggit! :p LOOOL


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