Thursday, April 26, 2012


First time to go to Privé a few weeks back. My friends and I went there on a Tuesday -- Ladies' Night! Here are some pictures:


Arezia eyebrow pencil (Brown)
Revlon Colorstay (Medium Beige)
ELF Warm eye shadow palette
Ever Bilena Liquid Eyeliner
NYX Blush (Terra Cotta)
NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors (Paris)

As you can see, my foundation is not the right color for me. So I gave it away after using it just a few times. :( Oh well. I'll try to find something else. I'm pretty new to using other makeups, because I used to buy cheap, local ones only. I didn't really care much about makeup back then. Wish I did, though. :( 

Okay, that's all! I'll post pictures from my girls night out last Saturday hmmm.. maybe tomorrow. Bye for now! :)


  1. Love your blog, am now following :) x


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