Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'm sorry I've been MIA these last couple of days. :( I've been going out a lot lately with Mark. Hehehe. Plus it was my birthday yesterday!!! Waaaa I'm 24 years old now. -__- Hahaha meh. :p I'll post pictures of what we did to celebrate!

But anyway, here's a quick picture post from Elysha's surprise birthday at Dave & Buster's (and etc)! :)

Experimented with my eyeshadows! Flash was too bright, I think? :\

So here's a closer look of my eyeshadow! <3

And this was my OOTD that day. :)

Chocolate milkshake again! <3
Nachos for dinner! Lol! Yumyum.
Elysha taking her jagerbombs!
Then we played some games.

Before going home, we ate a little at Silver Diner (?)
Got an oreo milkshake and some biscuits (no picture) :\

This was the next day. Went to a house party for one of Mark's friends who just passed the nursing exam! He's now a registered nurse! 

Another experiment.

Closer look. <3

I swear, I don't know what it is, but I am so addicted to milkshakes over here! They're just so good!!! Aghhhh. <3

I just uploaded the pictures from my birthday on the lappy, and hopefully I'll be able to post them here asap. I had so much fuuuuuun!!! First time to celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend! Hihi! :D

But yeah, I'm 24 now. I feel so old! Lol jk!!! *sigh* I want to be forever young!!! Or look young forever! LOL! :p

To end this post, here's a wacky video of me and Mark. Excuse our laughters here! HAHAHA! We were just being crazy! :p

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  1. Wow, you looks like Eva Longoria - I'm follow your blog!




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