Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Friday & Saturday

Friday: Went to Dave & Buster's with Mark and Ken. Played at the arcade and then billiards. We also went to the casino before going home. Lol.

My OOTD that day. :)

I tried. Lol.

Saturday: Went to Teppanyaki, and my craving for sushi is finally done! Lol! So much fooooooood. We also watched the last fireworks show at Laurel to celebrate 4th of July!

My ice cream topped with a chocolate covered marshmallow. <3

I had 2 fortune cookies in one pack! And I think these two are signs for me. :\
Coincidence that Mark's friends, Billy & Alex, parked right next to us.

Mark and I just stayed in the car with the a/c on while watching the show. It was too damn hot. :\

Btw, I have gained 7lbs since I got here. Shoot. :|

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