Monday, July 9, 2012

OOTD & Makeup

Just an OOTD post before I go to bed! Hahaha. This was earlier. Accompanied my boyfriend to his meeting (thank God for my Fifty Shades of Grey/Fifty Shades Darker books! Kept me company for a few hours! Lol), then we watched Savages! It was gruesome!!! But I liked it. :)

AAAAND I finally got a box for my makeup! I'm trying my best to not buy new makeup from now on 'cause it's making me poor! :(( Mark's always reminding me to save! Lol.

Box for $19.99 at Target

Got the EOS lip balm yesterday too! So cute!

I think I got this for just $3.99? Weee!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures from what I did the past 2 days! Okay, good night everyone!!! :D


  1. great post! i love the eos lipbalm!^^

    1. Thanks, Celine!!! Yes, I love it too! <3


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