Sunday, December 1, 2013

I'm back!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been MIA for more than a year. :( When I got back from the US, I immediately went job hunting. And in the end, I chose the last company I applied for, but I wasn't happy. I made friends with good people, but the job itself was a drag. I ended going back to my father's office, and it lasted until September this year.

2013 was a tough year for me. I disappointed my family because of some decisions, and I went through the worst breakup I've ever had. There wasn't any third party or any cheating, but towards the end of the relationship, I started becoming the jealous/paranoid type when in the first place, he didn't give me any reason to feel that way.

So unfortunately, I went a little yolo for a few months after the breakup. Drinking, partying, etc. :/ And I'm so thankful for my friends who were there for me, who listened to the same stories, who comforted me when I would cry. When I started to accept things and get a grip on my life again, my ex came back. I didn't know what to feel at first. We talked about our past, what went wrong, what we went through after the breakup. He dated other women while I met someone too. But none of them worked out. And we're giving ourselves another try in love. Maybe it's sweeter the 2nd time around? I hope it is.

Anywaaaay, enough drama. Lol. I'll be writing about my new job next! Good to be back. Good night everyone. :)

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